Multimodal Project

This is the best part! You will combine your personal analysis with your research paper to create a multimodal project. This means that you can create a video, a slide show, a song, or a website. You could honestly create any number of things. However, you need to get approval from me beforehand. This is mainly so I can make sure I provide appropriate equipment for your project presentation. You will use the information from the two writing projects to create a project that teaches your colleagues about your artifact. You should try to use multiple types of media to convey your ideas. The WRT Zone is helpful with this, if you are unsure about what to do.

You will NOT be graded on the quality of your production. However, you will be graded on the content your presentation. Your presentation should take 15-20 minutes including questions. You should not intend to stand and deliver your presentation, but let your project do the work for you. If you make something like a map or website, you can navigate the website while you tell us about it and why you chose to include certain content. This project will include an 8-10 page description of your process. You will explain what you chose to create, what you chose to include in your creation, and what influenced your choices. Your write up will also include reflection on the project, and what you learned about the artifact you chose.

The write up needs to be in MLA format with citations as needed. This will be turned in on the last day of class, and will not be able to be revised. You will be signing up for a conference with me regarding this project, and we will collaborate on its evaluation. This gives you a great amount of freedom, as well as guides me towards what you want me to pay attention to in your presentation.

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