Cultural Analysis Paper

This first paper serves as the first step towards your final project. This paper must include your notes on the artifact you chose. An example of this technique is found in Silverman on pages 14-21.

After your notes, you need to include analysis of your cultural object or artifact. As we have seen, cultural objects can take many textual and non-text forms. The way that you choose to analyze your artifact depends on the artifact you choose. Many students choose their favorite song, movie, television show, or something that they find interesting in the world like a piece of graffiti, a website, or an advertising campaign. For this paper, you are going to look at the cultural artifact in isolation. This means that you are deciding what the artifact means to you, and how you choose to read it. You do not need to utilize outside sources for your paper, but you do need to cite the applicable section of Foss’ PDFs, and the Silverman book. This paper needs to be no less than 4 and no more than 6 double spaced pages. It needs to be completed in MLA format with a completed Works Cited page.

When choosing an artifact, choose something that exists in popular culture, but is also personally relevant. Remember, you have to maintain research on this artifact for the rest of the semester. For example, since I am interested in Detroit and its cultural presence, I have done research on ruin porn photography and the way that it influences discourse about (and in) Detroit. You could choose to explore your favorite type of art, music, social media site, or video game. For this paper you are just using a mode of criticism to analyze your artifact.

You will submit this paper on the due date. I will grade it, return it, and you will resubmit it to me—revised—on the last day of class. Submitting the REVISED version is the only way to receive full credit for this paper!

I will be providing commentary on this paper to guide you a bit in your research for the research paper. Do not worry. It won’t be too bad, and we will work on each step as a class

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