Cultural Research Paper

For this research paper, you will use the artifact you chose for your cultural analysis paper. You will utilize your textbook and applicable PDF’s as well as outside sources to write an 8-10 page paper exploring the contexts that influence how your cultural artifact exists in the world. These contexts can include:

• Historical Contexts

• Environmental Context

• Social Contexts

• Gender and Sexuality

• Race, Class, and/or Ethnicity

You should use a combination of the features that we discuss in class to create an in depth exploration of your artifact.

For example, you could look at an advertising campaign and how it is not only influenced by historically dictated ideas, but it also reinforces gender norms and/or responds to environmental concerns. You could further examine the same advertising campaign for what race/class/ethnicity it appears to target and why. All of these things could be reinforced by outside sources that you obtain through independent research. You must utilize at least five outside sources for this paper. You will find these sources by using the library database. Moreover, you will be given a library day so you can compile your research.

Your paper must adhere to MLA format. This paper will help you create your final project, and you should remember that your audience is uninformed about your topic. Use this project to explore what you would want an uninformed audience to know. You will submit your paper on the due date in final draft form. I will then grade it and return it to you for revision. You will then resubmit this paper to me at the end of the semester.